Expert Testimony: Our Multi-Licensed Experts Provide a “One-Stop-Expert Shop”

An expert witness is a witness who has knowledge beyond that of the ordinary lay person enabling him/her to give testimony regarding an issue that requires expertise to understand. ARCOR-Inc has the experience to provide expert witness testimony regarding Construction Risk Profiling™ issues, ADA Compliance and Construction Defects. Experts are qualified according to a number of factors, including but not limited to, the number of years they have practiced in their respective field, work experience related to the case, published works, certifications, licensing, training, education, awards, and peer recognition. They may be called as upon as consultants to a case and also used to give testimony at trial.Litigation is always costly no matter who wins the case. These costs can be measured, not only in fiscal terms, but litigation takes a tremendous emotional toll and is usually resolved only after a protracted legal process. At ARCOR-Inc., our approach is consistent, whether it be in mediation, litigation or arbitration; we develop our work product to provide you with pertinent information in the attempt to settle the dispute as economically as possible.


ARCOR-Inc. Gives Maximum Expert  Representation

Do you need an expert witness? Our staff have been designated as experts witnesses over a broad range of areas as both plaintiff and defense experts. Whether it be a matter relating to Personal Injury, Disabled Access Compliance, Stormwater mitigation, Construction Defects, Construction Claims, Design Professional Malpractice, Construction Claims, Cost Estimating and even Personal Injury cases with complicated by disabled Access issues- we can help. We offer a unique service because we have a broad range of licenses that coalesce to cover most areas of construction and design. Therefore you get the maximum expert representation for the minimum expenditure. In addition as we have most of the expertise you need under one roof there are no issues with experts that don’t communicate or at cross purposes with one another. We have been the designated expert in matters which have gone all the way up to the Supreme Court of Appeals and we have won for our side. If you want to win, you need us at your side.

Let Us Be Your Expert [postgallery_accordion content=”image” attached_id=”5332″ id=”expert” imageeffect=”shadowreflection” height=”330″ width=”400″ autoplay=”enable” timeout=”2″ minititles=”enable” align=”alignright” /]

If you are suing or being sued in a matter relating to construction, design, construction claims, disabled access compliance or storm water mitigation compliance, contact us. Not only do we have experience in a broad range of areas, but if your case involves additional expertise, we can call on the services, in a broad variety of fields, of additional independent experts,  to supplement our involvement in your matter.