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Uber and Lyft Under Growing Pressure For ADA Compliance?

This article covers the further suggested discrimination for vehicle transportation to those with disabilities in Uber and Lyft vehicles. This is the first time a state attorney general’s office is looking into the problem. Read on to find out more about this growing issue of how/if these modern taxi services will transport more specific customers with very different needs. ... Read More

Miami University: Can’t Teach Students With Disabilities?

Here is an article we find very controversial in the disability world mainly because the very right of an individual to learn is in question.  This is due to inaccessible materials being provided to students with disabilities. So we ask, isn’t the point of a University to provide a foundation for young adults to learn. Well in this ... Read More

Agreement with Carnival Corp. to Remove Barriers to Access on Cruise Ships

Here is an interesting article about accessibility on cruise ships. One wouldn’t have thought about it but just because your on water doesn’t mean your free of the ADA law. Read on about how Carnival Corp. is being held accountable for their accessibility. The Justice Department has signed a settlement agreement with Carnival Corp., to ... Read More

Uber: Disability Laws Don’t Apply to Us?

Here is a very interesting article tackling ADA compliance with one of the fastest growing driving services around. Uber doesn’t have accessible cars for the disabled as it stands but there has been call for them to provide an equal driving service for everyone alike. Do you believe Uber needs to step in to create an equal ... Read More