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Settlement Brings Real Change in Lumpkin County

Not only will this agreement bring forth real physical environmental change in terms of creating accessible entrances, parkings, routes, ramps, and so on for those with disabilities. It also aims to educate about ADA compliance in general. Read on and find out what all these changes are and what this means for Lumpkin County, Georgia.

The Justice Department today announced agreements with Lumpkin County, Georgia (Lumpkin) and Robeson County, North Carolina (Robeson), to improve access to all aspects of civic life for people with disabilities.

Under the agreements, Lumpkin and Robeson will take important steps to improve access for people with disabilities, such as: physically modifying facilities surveyed by the Department so that parking, routes into buildings, entrances, service areas and counters, restrooms, public telephones, and drinking fountains are accessible to people with disabilities; posting, publishing and distributing notices to inform members of the public of the provisions of the ADA and their applicability to Lumpkin and Robeson’s programs, services and activities; officially recognizing Georgia and North Carolina telephone relay services, respectively, as key means of communicating with individuals who are deaf, are hard-of-hearing, or have speech impairments and training staff in using the relay service for telephone communications; developing a method for providing information for interested persons with disabilities concerning the existence and location of Lumpkin and Robeson’s accessible services, activities and programs; and ensuring that all of the Lumpkin and Robeson webpages comply with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines version 2.0 and website accessibility.

For more information or for a copy of the settlement agreements, please visit our ADA website at www.ada.gov. Those interested in finding out more about the ADA may also call the Justice Department’s toll-free ADA Information Line at 1-800-514-0301 or 1-800-514-0383 (TDD).

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