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Guidelines for keeping your business ADA compliant, can get confusing. There are both State & Federal Guidelines that need to be adhered to. Our website should serve to keep you updated and well-informed with regard to any changes that take place & could impact on your facilities level of exposure & risk.

Los Altos Businesses hit by ADA Lawsuits from Serial Plaintiff

Schraibman AIA, CPE CASp, discusses ADA misconceptions. He says there are three common misconceptions about ADA compliance, one of which is “grandfathering,” the idea that a building constructed before 1990 is exempt from ADA regulations. “(Grandfathering) is as common as the tooth fairy and about as realistic,” he said.

Half Moon Bay Businesses in California, Hit with ADA Lawsuits

FEATURED Half Moon Bay businesses hit with ADA lawsuits Chamber hopes to pool resources    Steven Schraibman AIA CPE CASp Addresses Community Forum on ADA Compliance for  Business Properties and CASp Certification ADA LAWSUIT MEETING  ·       By August Howell              Jul 21, 2021 Updated Jul 22, 2021 Americans with...

COVID: A Less than Accessible World, just Become More Challenging

We live in a very different world – one that few if any, could have seen coming. COVID-19 has changed things dramatically, perhaps even forever, if not the foreseeable future. The sudden onset and social implications of the current viral crisis, has caught society off guard. As we try to…

The “Hit & Myth” of ADA Compliance

There is an often misconceived notion amongst property and business owners that the whole nasty issue of ADA compliance will go away. The belief goes something along the idea that some magic piece of legislation will come along that will drive the disabled access activists and serial plaintiffs into the…

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