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Guidelines for keeping your business ADA compliant, can get confusing. There are both State & Federal Guidelines that need to be adhered to. Our website should serve to keep you updated and well-informed with regard to any changes that take place & could impact on your facilities level of exposure & risk.

COVID: A Less than Accessible World, just Become More Challenging ADA Accessibility And Covid-19 Are the disabled being discriminated against, yet again? We live in a very different world – one that few if any, could have seen coming. COVID-19 has changed things dramatically, perhaps even forever, if not the foreseeable future. The sudden onset Continue Reading The "Hit & Myth" of ADA Compliance ADA Accessibility Myths The "Hit & Myth" of ADA Compliance An Article by Steven E. Schraibman, AIA, CPE, CASp There is an often misconceived notion amongst property and business owners that the whole nasty issue of ADA compliance will go away. The belief goes something along Continue Reading

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