Personal Injury

Claims Can Cost You If You Fail To Comply With Building Codes

In personal injury cases, the issue that arises in court is whether a defect is patent (obvious) or latent (not apparent by casual observation). If the defect is patent, the owner is liable for damages. If the defect is latent, the contractor is held responsible.Property owners need to be aware that they can be held responsible when someone is injured in a fall as the result of a property defect. This is largely because of the Slavin Doctrine; a legal concept that has been in place since 1959. According to the Slavin Doctrine if the owner of a property accepts defective work from the contractor, it is now his or her responsibility to correct the defect. Hence a contractor’s liability for damages caused by a “patent” defect (one that is clearly visible) ceases once the work has been accepted by the owner.
ARCOR-Inc, in the practice of Construction Risk Profiling™ is able to offer a comprehensive and necessary service to mitigate or prevent the likelihood of personal injury that frequently results from  ADA non-compliance or Construction Defect issues.

Making sure that a building is safe and doesn’t act as a hazard to individuals, is often challenging due to cost and the resistance to interfering with the operations and productivity of a business .

An integrated design process can help the achievement of safety goals by ensuring that everyone is aware of other members\’ goals. Understanding the interrelationship of all the design and construction objectives early in the design process, is an essential step in overcoming the obstacles commonly encountered in the achievement of a secure and safe building.

Slip and fall accident cases frequently happen as a result of poor property maintenance. Property owners either delay maintenance, or try to save costs by doing the work themselves and ignoring proper inspections and permits. Poorly maintained paving, parking areas and side walks that often land up with potholes, are frequently responsible for personal injuries occurring.

Construction Code Violation and ADA Violations Top the Personal Injury List

What ARCOR-Inc. Can Do For You

ARCOR-Inc. understands very well that millions of Dollars are lost by businesses each day due to a multitude of personal injury claims or wrongful death actions, by the general public and employees alike. Often these claims are linked to alleged construction code violations such as ADA, fire, mechanical and other areas, which help to bolster the award being claimed by plaintiffs and their attorneys. At ARCOR, Inc. we employ our understanding of code issues and how they relate to personal injury claims. Our knowledge of the codes coupled with our experience in construction and design provide a unique comprehensive approach to personal injury claims and their resolution.