Peer Review

Peer Review Can Mitigate or Eliminate Construction Defects

Peer Review Defined


Peer review can be defined as a comprehensive review of the design and constructibility of a construction project by an independent entity, experienced in the fields of design and construction. Peer Reviews are performed during the project design phase in order to mitigate or eliminate the potential for construction “defects”, which often result in construction defect claims Project peer review is an important tool for the construction industry with respect to Quality Control/Quality Assurance (QC/QA) and if properly implemented can have a positive effect on a broad range of issues and can even reduce insurance costs on a project. ARCOR-Inc, makes use of Peer Review in the practice of Construction Risk Profiling™, ADA Compliance and Construction Defect issues.

Peer Review starts with reviewing the plans and specifications for conformance with local building codes and standards of practice with respect to construction as well as detecting and eradicating design and service conflicts. Peer Reviews are performed during the project design phase in order to mitigate or eliminate the potential for construction defects, which often result in construction construction claims. By reviewing the project plans and specifications, we are usually able to identify potential problem areas that have historically resulted in major causes of failure. Some of the more prevalent construction defect producing areas of the building construction process are the result of: improper design, non-compatibility of materials; faulty and problematic wall to window conditions, roof to flashing tie-ins, waterproofing/damproofing-related issues, soils-related problems that include subsidence or expansive soils issues, and sulfate and galvanic corrosion attack. The most expeditious time to identify, address and mitigate these potential problem areas is prior to finalization of the project specifications, typically during the design phase.


A Comprehensive Peer Review Brings Together Many Specialized Skills

Need an Architect to manage your peer plan and specification review? Need a contractor to ensure the proper installation of various construction systems and components? Need a Certified Cost Estimator to ensure that what is being constructed is being done at the right price? Then look no further! We at ARCOR have performed peer review services on numerous projects from high-rise residential to commercial malls and office buildings. We have managed teams of contractors and engineers that represent the full range of possible construction and design services. And we have done so at a fraction of the cost of our traditional competition. How have we managed to do this? Well we combine the skills of an Architect with the know-how of a contractor and the consistency of a Certified Cost Estimator all into one so you get the best of all three working seamlessly to facilitate the satisfactory completion of your project. Call us, talk to us and you will see why our clients, who make up some of the best and the brightest, come back to us time and again. 

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