Construction Management

Construction Management is a Balance Between Budget, Time and Quality

A Project Management Plan will typically document the key management tasks and will continue to be updated throughout the duration of the project. This is what serves as the foundation for ensuring that the both the design and construction phases have efficiency contingencies. A Project Management Plan will include the following:

1. Owner’s program goal 2. Technical requirements 3. Resources 4. Budget 5. Schedules 6. Management programs

ARCOR-Inc. facilitates effective construction management by encouraging Construction Risk Profiling™ to take place early in the design and building of a project so that  potential ADA and construction defect issues can be avoided or mitigated.

Successful Project Management is achieved through the effective management and coordination of a complex process unique to each project. Traditional forms of management that involved using the same approach for every project, no longer applies. The fact that technology is now available,  helps streamline processes and increase efficiency.


Three Core Components

Achieving value for money in construction involves the interfacing of three core components: 1. keeping to the budget 2. keeping to the time frame 3. degree of quality

A project that has been well-planned from the start will continue to have value through its\’ lifetime and continue to contribute in a positive way to the environment. Unnecessary delays and costs are avoided when a solid investment is made early on in the planning, programming and design of the building. The quality of the project is influenced by the whole team. When planning and programming, the whole life-value of the building should be factored in and not just the initial capital costs. It is the pre-planning by the design team, client and construction team, that will impact on and contribute to the project value.It is careful planning and management that reduces the incidence of construction defects and litigation.


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Construction Management: Design to Delivery

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