Construction Claims

Construction Claims Defined

sually arise when there is a dispute between contracting parties to a construction contract. These claims may relate to a variety of issues such as changes in scope,  delays, unforeseen differing site conditions, cost of corrective work, wrongful termination, etc. The goal is to avoid getting to the stage of DISPUTE and CLAIM by investing in the due diligence of projects and avoiding the short cuts that are most often the cause of poor workmanship, poor attention to detail and CONSTRUCTION DEFECTS.  ARCOR-Inc. is well versed in the practices required for PREVENTION, REMEDIATION and RESOLUTION.

Construction disputes vary in nature and size. The complexity of today’s construction projects is influenced by the fact that there are so many components that have to be choreographed and orchestrated, including a work force such as contractors, architects and engineers and various materials, equipment and suppliers. Construction disputes, become very costly when not resolved in a timely manner and factors such as personnel, time, finances and opportunity impact. Arcor-Inc. has developed efficient systems and methods over time to prevent construction defects and construction disputes, as well as facilitating resolution and prevention of disputes in a time effective way.

What It Means to Win

Winning in a claim dispute means presenting your case in the most effective, comprehensive manner and supporting it with reliable evidence and performing an analysis of the project and contract documents.

What ARCOR Inc. Can Do For You

construction claimsWe combine decades of architectural experience coupled with a comprehensive knowledge of construction methods and procedures. Because we have multiple licenses we can combine an intimate knowledge of architectural and design issues with our extensive experience in construction in order to identify the salient issues and apply our extensive experience in construction cost estimating to present a winning result.

The goal of Construction Risk Profiling which is core to ARCOR-Inc.’s methodology, has as it’s pivotal objective, the PREVENTION or REMEDIATION of DISPUTES.  Current practice in construction dispute resolution generally reflects one of two perspectives:

1. The “ONE-SIZE-FITS-ALL” disputes

2. A BUFFET of DISCRETE, STAND-ALONE choices that one needs to pick from

ARCOR-Inc. prefers to adopt a logical, common-sense approach which involves careful DIAGNOSIS of each unique problem and project , followed by a system of priority correction with as little “INVASION” and “OBSTRUCTION” to existing operation and functioning as possible.


How to Avoid Construction Claims?Construction claims

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