How To Protect your Business from ADA Lawsuits

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Title III Claims are  straightforward. Your facility is either ADA Compliant with technical requirements, or NOT.
Remember….every day without being ADA Compliant, is another day that you leave yourself vulnerable to a potential ADA lawsuit.

The only way to get  “LEGAL PROTECTIONS”, in the event of an ADA Accessibility Lawsuit, is to have your business inspected by a CASp, “CERTIFIED ACCESS SPECIALIST“, & receive “QUALIFIED DEFENDANT” STATUS. The ADA property inspection has to be done in accordance with CRASCA.You will receive an ADA Report & CASp Certificate, that you can display.



The CASp Process

CASp Process

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  • A CASp Certified Business is...

    • CASp Certificate
    • yes-to-CASp
    • CASp Certificate
    • no CASp

    Businesses Without a CASp...

What Your ADA CASp Report Should Look Like......

"Not all casps are born equal"

The Quality of the CASp Report can Vary Widely

1. OUR PROPRIETARY, TABLET-BASED, ADA SOFTWARE ensures a very comprehensive audit of your property

2. OUR ADA/CASp REPORTS are an index of the quality of our inspectors & inspections, thoroug & detailed.

The CASp Report has 2 Components

1. The Detailed Descriptive CASp Report

This Report is a comprehensive description of all identified barriers to access. It includes diagrams & photos of the specific items to be addressed.

2. The CASp Accompanying Reference Report

 This is a color-coded spread sheet that references the Descriptive Report. Here the specific code references can be found & the photo references. Both non-compliant & compliant items are included.

1. Detailed Descriptive CASp Report

2. The CASp Reference Report

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