ADA Mercenary

ADA Mercenary


I’m often asked by business and property owners, “Why am I being sued? I have disabled patrons and I’ve never had a complaint that access to my facility is a problem.”

Well, firstly disabled people are just regular people with disabilities. Many just want to go about their daily lives without having to slay dragons every time they see a windmill appear on the horizon.

In addition, just because someone is disabled doesn’t mean that they automatically acquire a body of knowledge about the technical side of disabled access regulations.

The truth is that there is a relatively small group of disabled persons who actively pursue businesses that are not in compliance with the disabled access regulations. Call them serial plaintiffs, guns for hire, extortionists, etc., but they have the law on their side. And in essence, why shouldn’t they. Is this not one of the most democratic countries on the face of this earth? Aren’t our founding principles enshrined in a constitution that is the envy of every downtrodden group? So shouldn’t those of us that are unfortunate enough to be disabled also have equal access to the bounty of goods and services on offer in this wonderful land?

The point is not whether you despise or admire people like Frankovich. It comes down to how you can protect yourself and best ensure that you will not be a victim. There is a way that you can reduce your exposure and not have to break the bank…….you can engage the services of a CASp inspector who can provide practical suggestions to remove barriers to access in your business for a very manageable investment.

At ARCOR, Inc. this is what we do everyday, where we present our client’s with solutions that enable them to move closer to compliance and lower their exposure to litigation at the same time.

By having an “ADA” audit on your business and obtaining a CASp certificate, you are afforded ‘special legal rights’. It buys you time to budget for the cost of barrier removal and advertises to the community that your business is aware of the rights of the disabled, and that is frankly just good business sense. Why should you shrink your customer base and limit it only to people who are not disabled?

Don’t hide in the shadows from a Frankovich or even a Frankenstein. Give us a call and see how we can help you become compliant, grow your business and lower your exposure to litigation.




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