ADA Signage


Arcor-Inc. will provide you with any ADA SIGNAGE, TRUNCATED DOMES and all that is required to make your property ADA COMPLIANT

Sometimes avoiding a law suit is as simple as having the correct signage in place.

ADA Access Certified

  • You are in violation of ADA Law if you fail to have the CORRECT SIGNAGE in the CORRECT PLACE and INSTALLED CORRECTLY.
  • Don’t make the mistake of purchasing signage online without PROFESSIONAL INPUT. Frequently the signage you purchase online is incorrect because it is the wrong color or the wrong dimensions etc. There could be subtle differences that the inexperienced eye is unaware of.
  • Arcor-Inc will ensure that you have the CORRECT SIGNAGE and that it is put in the CORRECT PLACE.
  • Signage is a SMALL INVESTMENT when one looks at what the costs of a law suit are.
  • Arcor-Inc. PROVIDES SIGNAGE for clients as part of their ADA Audit service and assists with the CORRECT INSTALLATION of this signage.
  • Our signage is extremely COMPETITIVELY PRICED
  • It is always advisable that you have a professional ADA Audit conducted by a CERTIFIED CASp SPECIALIST. This will help protect you from both serious and frivolous ADA lawsuits.
  • Arcor-Inc. ensures that you receive the correct professional advice and that you GET A PLAN in place, so that you can work towards bringing your property into compliance.

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