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Our proprietary ADA Software,  helps business owners efficiently identify and remediate barriers to ADA accessibility. It allows for a service that is COMPREHENSIVE, CONSISTENT, SYSTEMATIZED, cost effective and  time efficient. This is very important if you have multiple properties and/or an impending ADA Lawsuit where time is money and an important factor.


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ADA Compliance "it takes a Village ".... Expert Support & Partnering

We are proud to give expert SUPPORT SERVICES to the excellent attorneys who we work closely with. Together, we have helped build excellent cases for our clients, saved them money and achieved fair settlements. We have even set legal precedent in some cases. We also focus on EDUCATING & EMPOWERING both our clients & professionals. Steven Schraibman AIA, CPE, CASp, has lectured in a variety of areas, presented numerous workshops for the continuing education of professionals, including Attorneys, Architects & Cost Estimators.

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    Multilicensed Expert Team

    Only a CASp certified expert can give you the CASp Certificate  that affords you legal “benefits”. Not all ADA “inspectors” are CASps & standards can also vary widely across CASp’s. At the helm of this well-established company, is one of the only multi-licensed ADA experts. This translates into a very specialized service all in one place


    ADA Lawsuits


    Guaranteed Investment

    As a multilicensed expert, working with Schraibman will frequently give you more value than you will receive from the average CASp. Beware of unrealistically low quotes. This often means, a sub-standard ADA service and a useless ADA Report. With a ADA lawsuit, a credentialed ADA Expert is. essential

    ADA Technology


    Unique ADA Software

    Arcor-Inc has developed a proprietary tablet-based, application for ADA compliance, as well as patented tools and templates to facilitate compliance. These serve to make our ADA Inspections & the generating of ADA Reports, efficient, consistent and overall, cost-effective.

    Time efficiency


    Fast Turn-Around Time

    Our proprietary ADA Software allows for a more time-efficient & thorough ADA/CASp inspection. We can ensure a 48 hour turnaround time when required. This is particularly beneficial for properties in litigation, as there is a specified time to respond to the complaint.

    Arcor Inc ADA Experts


    Extensive Experience

    For over 20 years, we have provided expert services to a wide range of clients nationally & internationally. Our extensive experience allows for a familiarity with all aspects of the ADA and federal and state building codes. We have been retained as ADA Experts in numerous cases, at times setting new case precedents.

    Cost Estimating


    Budget Friendly

    Our fees are competitive and are not necessarily influenced by the size of the property, but rather how many ADA components need to be assessed. eg. number of restrooms & the time that will be required for the audit. Our proposals clearly describe the scope of the work & pricing is transparent. We cost

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