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ADA Site Inspections

All our ADA site inspections are done by experienced professionals, in accordance with the Construction Related Accessibility Standards Compliance Act (CRASCA). Our extensive experience & proprietary ADA Software give us & our clients an advantage over our competitors.

Our Proprietary ADA Software

Our tablet-based ADA software allows us to conduct very thorough inspections in an extremely time efficient manner. This translates into a cost-effective service for both clients with a single property, as well as franchises & chains. Inspections are consistent & standardized which is an important advantage for clients with numerous properties.

Expert Testimony

We offer Litigation Support Services and Expert Witness Testimony on Facility Accessibility, including ADA, UFAS, state codes, and FHA compliance. Our clients include, attorneys, property owners, developers, & lessors, amongst others.We work closely to support your attorney or refer you to our dedicated colleagues


Lawsuits and complaints can be very costly , but if your "expert" acts promptly & has the appropriate ADA-related skills & experience, negotiations can result in more satisfactory solutions & settlements. When not handled promptly, cost will escalate.

Construction Defects

This involves the identification of mechanisms of failure and allocation of responsibility. Our years of design and construction experience place us in the unique situation of being able to identify defects and analyze them from the perspective of the Architect as well as the Contractor, & in the context of ADA State & Federal Law when required..

Early Risk Assessment

It is ARCOR-Inc.’s mission to conduct Construction Risk Profiling™ as early as possible in the design and construction process so that areas vulnerable to the potential for construction defects can be identified and more easily prevented or remediated.

Cost Estimating

Many business owners avoid the whole "ADA saga" as they assume that the costs will be prohibitive. In fact many ADA items are very inexpensive to bring into compliance. It is however essential to cost your ADA needs out properly so that you can correct items in order of importance & in a budget -friendly way.

Budgeting & Prioritizing

Certified Cost Estimators are able to cost out a project more scientifically. This is helpful in a number of ways: 1. helps you prioritize items according to your budget & level of risk & exposure 2. it is a very important component in ADA litigation 3. It is important for supporting a case of "undue hardship" if the cost is unmanageable or unrealistic for eg. a small business

Multi-Family Housing

Our services include FHA (Fair Housing Act) & UFAS (Uniform Federal Accessibility Standards) Accessibility Surveys, of the following types of properties: *Apartment complexes, *Condominiums, *Housing at places of Education,* Mixed use and/or multi-use properties

Defining "Multi-Family Housing

.“Accessibility Requirements for Multifamily Housing: Both privately owned and publicly assisted housing, regardless of whether they are rental or for sale units, must meet the accessibility requirements of the Fair Housing Act, when they are located in a building of four or more units, built for first occupancy after March 13, 1991.” (

ADA & Historic Buildings

Historic properties are not exempt from the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements. Historic buildings must however, be as accessible as non-historic buildings, to the greatest extent possible,. It is not always possible for some historic properties to meet the accessibility requirements. We will provide expert advice under these circumstances.

Key Specialized Sdvice

Owners of historic buildings undertaking rehabilitation or restoration work should not use the alternative minimum requirements without first consulting the appropriate State Historic Preservation Officer (SHPO).

Plan Review

It will save you time & money to be proactive & get your plans reviewed for ADA Accessibility, prior to construction. We help you with plan review for new construction projects & any building alterations. You will have a licensed Architect, Cost Estimator & CASp, rolled into one.

Federal and State Requirements

Review of drawings should be done for both new construction as well as proposed alterations. This is to ensure compliance with ADA Design Standards and accessibility requirements according to BOTH state building codes & federal building codes.

Personal Injury

We assist you with Arcor-Inc's professional 'safety net, ' for 'slip and fall' accidents.Our expertise in both Personal Injury & ADA Accessible, can be helpful with your overall risk management. Many of the barriers in circulation areas (accessible routes) are also potential "trip and fall" hazards.

Avoid Treble Dammages

Non compliant, high thresholds, coarse paving, loose carpeting, and highly polished surfaces can all be barriers to the mobility impaired, and are addressed in ADAAG. Fixing these problems will provide accessibility and may potentially prevent an injury claim.

Pre-Purchase Due Diligence

We will do your homework for you so you can optimize on your investment. Under California law, lease and rental agreements must state whether the property has been inspected by a CASp. It is essential to evaluate risk & have your property surveyed, before signing your lease or building purchase. A change in occupancy is considered an alteration.

Mitigation of your Costs

Due Diligence surveys often involve a team of experts. We are able to save you money as Steven Schraibman AIA, CPE, CASp, is a multi-licensed expert & therefore able to “wear many hats’. As a CASp, Licensed Architect & Certified Cost Estimator, we are able to do a thorough & comprehensive assessment of ADA  (American Disability Act) & FHA (Fair Housing Act) deficiencies, when our clients are purchasing a property. In this way legal exposure & potential costs can be mitigated.

We Help You Budget & Prioritize

As both ADA Experts & Certified Cost Estimators, we are Qualified to Help You Set up a "Budget-Friendly" ADA Barrier Removal Plan

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