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Arcor-Inc offers a full range of ADA COMPLIANCE SERVICES for Business owners, who sell products or services to the PUBLIC. If your business property is not ADA Accessible, you are vulnerable to very costly ADA LAWSUITS. We are ADA EXPERTS and we are CERTIFIED ACCESS SPECIALISTS (CASp), who are qualified to do an ADA INSPECTION of your facility. With a CASp CERTIFIED PROPERTY, you will receive “Qualified Defendant Status” and certain LEGAL BENEFITS in the event of an ADA Lawsuit. We have helped thousands of businesses ACHIEVE ADA COMPLIANCE & SAVE MONEY. We service a RANGE OF DIFFERENT CLIENTS, from, small family-owned businesses, to multi-national companies & entire cities. We can get you started on your journey to ADA COMPLIANCE, IN LESS THAN 48 HOURS!

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ADA Property Compliance...... Why Bother?

The only way to ensure that your Business is ADA Compliant & reduce your risk for ADA Lawsuits, is to make sure that you have your business inspected & CERTIFIED by a CERTIFIED ACCESS SPECIALIST (CASp)

1. Non-Compliant Businesses face ADA LAWSUITS


3. GET MORE BUSINESS. Over 50 million disabled would like access to your goods & services

4. It’s the RIGHT THING to do!

We are ADA ACCESSIBILITY EXPERTS & CASp  CERTIFIED ACCESS SPECIALISTS (CASp).  It is our goal to help you make your goods & services ADA ACCESSIBLE, to a whole new market…..the more than 50 million disabled Americans. 

The ADA applies to both the physical access to your goods & services as well as to your policies & procedures. We have been IN BUSINESS OVER 20 YEARS & we have HELPED OVER 3000 BUSINESSES achieve ADA ACCESSIBILITY, from the smallest “MOM & POP ” stores, to major CHAINS, FRANCHISES & entire CITIES.

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Every day without being ADA Accessible, is another day that you leave yourself vulnerable to a potential ADA lawsuit.

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Taking action will save you money....

The Ultimate Guide to ADA Accessibility

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Is Your Business ADA Accessible? Only an ADA Inspection will Tell


What You Need to Know

If Your Business is Not ADA Accessible.....

How We Can Help You

We are ADA CASp EXPERTS which qualifies us to do an ADA/CASp INSPECTION of your property & advise you on the best course of action to take, in order to bring your business into ADA COMPLIANCE. To enjoy the “legal benefits” that come with having a CASp CERTIFIED PROPERTY, only a CERTIFIED ACCESS SPECIALIST (CASp), can do your ADA/CASp inspection. We are able to get you on the path to ADA Accessibility within 48 hours.


make ada compliance a "win-win"

Who is Liable for ADA Violations? Owner vs Tenant

 ADA is directed to BUSINESSES, not just PROPERTY OWNERS. Nearly all ADA lawsuits are filed against both the operating business owner (tenant) and the property owner (landlord).

Owners, landlords, and tenants can be JOINTLY & SEVERALLY LIABLE in the event of ADA non-compliance.

What You Need to Know

No "Grandfathering"!

ADA Compliance Applies to all of The Following:

How We Can Help You

We will help you IDENTIFY YOUR ADA VIOLATIONS, & help yo UNDERSTAND YOUR RESPONSIBILITIES. With the right advice, owners, landlords, tenants, and property managers, can MINIMIZE RISKS & EXPENSES associated with ADA violations & ignorance of the law, and ENSURE EQUAL ACCESS FOR THE DISABLED. Getting the correct advice from a professional Certified Access Specialist (CASp), is essential if you want to prevent costly mistakes.

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ADA Checklist Before you Rent or Purchase

  • 1
    Make sure you have an agreement with your landlord that sets out who is responsible for providing and maintaining the facility’s accessible features.
  • 2
    Landlord or property owner has to state on every lease or rental agreement, executed on or after January 1, 2017, whether or not the premises have been inspected by a CASp. 
  • 3
    Since July 21, 2017, disclosures of disability access is required for any "commercial property"that is being offered for rent or lease
ADA CASp Property Inspection
In order to ensure that you are in compliance with applicable ADA and California Building Code regulations, your place of business needs to be surveyed by a Certified Access Specialist (CASp). This facility survey includes an inspection of your property and a detailed Barrier Report identifying the features that do not comply with the ADA and State accessibility requirements.
property manager

Business Owner

Business Owner

The owner bears sole responsibility for building entry, accessible parking areas and public building or common areas, not leased by tenants. Even if the tenant is responsible for maintaining and repairing a property, the owner may still be held liable for noncompliance.



Tenants are not liable for violations in areas that are not under their exclusive control, such as common areas. There may be sole responsibility for ADA compliance for commercial buildings in some situations, while responsibility will be shared with the property owner in other situations.



A landlord may not shift liability for ADA compliance to his tenants. Both landlord & tenant are legally responsible for ADA compliance. The lease can determine who is responsible for actually making the changes & removing barriers..

property manager

Property Manager

Property Manager

Although property managers may not have direct liability for ADA compliance, their actions, as agents of the landlord, can have significant consequences. Acts and omissions of property managers can have far-reaching ramifications for landlords.


Don't take chances

How to Avoid an ADA Lawsuit? get a CASp Certificate

The only way to get “LEGAL BENEFITS” in the event of an ADA Accessibility Lawsuit, is to have your business inspected by a “CERTIFIED ACCESS SPECIALIST” (CASp). This will afford you “QUALIFIED DEFENDANT” STATUS


The law that governs CASp, is to encourage business owners to make their properties accessible to the disabled community, BUT, it also aims to PROTECT BUSINESS OWNERS. from “serial litigants”  or what has become known as “SHAKEDOWN LAWSUITS” .

What You Need to Know

The ADA property inspection has to be done in accordance with CRASCA. It is only in this way that businesses can receive the LEGAL PROTECTIONS that come with the associated “QUALIFIED DEFENDANT” STATUS.

What ever the results of  your CASp inspection, you are granted “Qualified Defendant” status, (legal rights in the event of an accessibility related lawsuit).


If you receive a construction-related accessibility lawsuit, a review by a CASp of the alleged violations can help DETERMINE THEIR VALIDITY.

A CASp inspection performed AFTER RECEIVING A LAWSUIT will not, provide you with protections as a “qualified defendant” in that lawsuit.

How We Can Help You

We work very closely with the BEST ADA ATTORNEYS to ensure that you are able to bring your business into ADA Compliance in an EFFICIENT & COST-EFFECTIVE way.

A review of the alleged violations, by a CASp, can help DETERMINE THEIR VALIDITY.


CASp Benefits For You

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"Let us check your Property for ADA Compliance, rather than a "professional" plaintiff

1. those that have been sued for ADA non-compliance,
2. those that are yet to be sued and
3. those that will get sued again.

A CASp certificate goes a long way to reduce your exposure and it also makes good business sense. Rather than a business being subjected to obloquy for not being in compliance, having a CASp certificate is an intimation that the facility likely has,or is working on, achieving a higher level of access for disabled customers. This lets the “would be” serial plaintiff know, that this is no easy target.

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CASp Certified VS No CASp

Hiring a CASp is Voluntary.....Being ADA Compliant, is Not!

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